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British Anzani Inboard

British Anzani "Dinghy Motor"
This is something I picked up, not what you would call a common motor, as I have not seen another.
It's what's known as an Anzani Dinghy Motor, it was advertised at the Earls Court Boat Show in 1951.
It is powered by a single cylinder Anzani Super Single engine, rated at 4HP at 3,500 r.p.m. with a 57mm stroke and 62mm bore.
The Dinghy Motor was not on sale until the summer of 1952 and was still advertised in 1954.
The original design had a round fuel tank with the carburettor above the cylinder and the exhaust below, which looked pretty much like a super single motor on it's side.
The next design had the carburettor below the cylinder and the exhaust above,
with a square tank, basically the cylinder was turned 180 degrees.
So far I have come across three different designs of this motor including my own.
I  suspect my motor to be an early version of the square tank design, as  it still incorperates the cylinder head support, which is not seen in  the later advertisments.    

The motor works by lowering and raising the engine, as the motor is mounted on a spring loaded pedestal, controlled by the main lever with a rack and pinion system.
Raising the motor engages the belt and gives forward drive.
Lowering will disengage the drive belt to give you neutral.
Even lower will engage the main pully to the friction drive pully, which then gives you reverse.
The Dinghy Motor also has a mechanical water pump, this is spring loaded and runs off the friction part of the drive pully.
Forward drive will give a 2-1 reduction speed to the propshaft.
The motor weighed 52lb and cost £49.10s.


Notice that the advertised motor from 1954 has no cylinder head support,
the base casting of my motor is not the same as any I have seen advertised.
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