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British Seagull Little Model Forty


I do like Seagull outboards and yes you do always get someone that thinks that they are old and smelly, well they are and pretty much bullet proof.

The FVP was my first Seagull, it is known as a Little Forty model and most parts are smaller to the standard Forty series as it was the predecessor to the forty series Seagull.

The little model forty series, comprised of the models, F, FV, FVP and LS.
This information is mostly supposition, as pretty much no paperwork survives from British Seagull.
Model F, 40cc seems to be the first motor that started the forty series, but shouldn't be confused with the much later model F, the original F has an Amal carburettor and choke cover, the cover is very similar to a Amal cover on the 102 Seagull.

A picture of an original running model F, a 40cc with an amal carburettor and an unusual choke setup only used on this model and no other, it looks like a 102 carburettor cover, but smaller.
The picture of model F and all data was provided by Jeremy Price.

The FV&FVP are about 56cc, the LS is 64cc
It seems to be that the F, stood for Forty.
FV, Forty Villiers, fitted with a Villiers carb, small gearbox, commonly known as a forty minus.
FVP, Forty Villiers, with a bigger gearbox or plus box, commonly known as a forty plus.
The LS, may mean Long Stroke, as the other models have a shorter crank stroke, compared to the LS and later models.
Most common attributes to the little forty motors are, tiller arm fitted to the centre of the crank case, the bronze transom bracket was plated as was the fuel pipe, the drive shaft tube is clamped to the base of the crankcase, the drive tube is also screwed into the gearbox, not clamped, you do get variations as this series was developed and improved.

This motor (FVP) has always been very reliable, so I just gave it the once over.
I would have liked to have done something to improve the rusted drive tube, but as its almost impossible to remove on this motor without doing major damage.
The drive tube screws in and is not clamped like all the other models, so I added a coat of paint and just left it alone.
Nice compact little motor, that always seems to have more horse power than it should for the size of this little outboard.

My Little Model Forty FVP 1952.

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