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This was what the motor looked like before the restoration.

This motor was a nice find and a little unusual, it's called a Cary Jet and was made in Italy by Garelli.
It's a very well made motor indeed, as some of the parts are made by Ducati.
There is very limited information on this motor and I have found only one other example.
With  the help of that owner I have managed to restore the motor back to how  it originally looked, but not exactly a perfect match.Motor specs.

Year of manufacture . 1960-68
Horsepower. 4
Cylinders. 1
Bore. 1.89"
Stroke. 1.89"
CC. 88.5
Ignition. CEV
Cooling. Air Cooled
Weight. 44lbs
Magneto. 6V - 25W
Fuel capacity. 2.5 Ltr
Fuel Mix. 1/2pt per gallon of fuel
Spark Plug: AC 34L

So after some cleaning and painting, it started to look a little more original.
I added a home made decal, as close to the original as I could, which I think looks ok.

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